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The Lord’s Prayer, part 3
pastor corner

We have been looking at the pattern of prayer that the Lord gave to His disciples in Matthew 6, and how I personally use this as a pattern for my daily prayer.

We now are at the place of this prayer where it states, “your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.

As I pray this part of the prayer, I pray first that God’s will be done completely in my life and then in the lives of my family. If there are situations going on presently where we need direction, then I pray specifically for those needs. I then ask for God’s will to be done in our church as we try to get direction from God on each of our ministries. I know that it is God’s “will that none perish and that all come to repentance”, so I repeat these words from scripture.

I pray for my unmarried children and grandchildren to be directed to the right future spouse.

I conclude this part of the prayer by praying for God’s will on the political scene. I pray for future elections, but I also have a long list of present politicians and community leaders that I pray for daily during this time of my prayer. I pray for our president, our congress that represent us in the national as well as state levels, I pray for the Supreme Court judges and judges all the way down to the local level. I pray for our governor, our mayor, our county council and our school board. I pray for our police chief, fire chief and sheriff. I pray for the protection of our first responders and the salvation of all who do not follow Jesus. I try to mention each name as I present them all to my heavenly Father.

May God’s will be done in your life today and I trust that you desire to see that happen and that this is part of your prayer each day.

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