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Thanks to vets, Jesus
pastor corner

Thursday was Flag Day. The Second Continental Congress adopted the flag on June 14, 1777. Later in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that offically established the day, and then in 1946 an act of Congress was proclaimed.

Flag Day is not an official federal holiday. You will receive your mail, and the banks will be open that day. Nevertheless, Flag Day is a big deal. You see, the flag is a symbol. The colors, the stars and the stripes all remind us of who we are as a nation.

I’ve heard veterans make the remark, “I put my life on the line for this flag.” The fact is that no one would do such for merely a piece of cloth.

But they know that the flag stands for much more than that. The flag stands for our freedoms. It stands for our principles. It stands for our people.

You know, there are symbols in every aspect of life. When you walk in many church buildings you will see a variety of symbols.

Some churches have banners hanging on the walls. Lots of older churches have stained glass windows. All of these are symbols that point beyond themselves.

Perhaps the symbol that stands above all in the Christian life is the cross. The moment I see a cross of any kind, I am reminded of the love that Jesus had for you and me. I remember that he voluntarily went to that cross, and he laid down his life in my place.

Just as the flag stands for our country, the cross stands for our faith. It is a symbol. But it is even more than that. Behind every symbol there is a truth. The cross of Christ was real. It was painful and yet powerful. Because of the cross we can have life forever.

Happy Flag Day. You are blessed to live in this great country. Thanks to every veteran and service member who has fought for our flag. We are grateful for the freedoms we enjoy.

But even more thanks belongs to the one who gave his life for every person who ever lived. Thanks to Jesus for going to the cross.

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