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Thanks for the positive coverage
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Dear Editor


Please compliment all of those responsible for our local paper. I am a 76-year-old who learned long ago to support my country and community. I read everything, even the public notices.

I am employed at Wal Mart but my job doesn’t change a lifetime habit.

The opinion section is a page I am writing about today. Thank you for the Betsy DeBry article concerning defeatism. I have a daughter serving in the Navy. She is in the Middle East (Bahrain). I am proud she chose to serve our country. I have the opportunity to thank all the service persons who shop at Wal Mart and am grateful for the sacrifices they make during this troubled time.

I send all the articles to her that appear in our paper just to show that the good news is being printed. She knows first hand the good work our troops are doing. Thanks to General Lynch for his words. Thank you for printing positive news for our families to hear.


Dolores Basche

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