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Thanks for job well done
Letter to the editor
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Editor, A great deal of work has been going on at South Bryan County Recreation in preparation for the upcoming winter and spring sports programs. We would like to thank the inmates of the Long County Prison for all of their hard work and dedication to a job well done. They have assisted South Bryan County Recreation with a number of renovation projects over the last several months.

The prison details help maintain the parks, but recently they have gone above and beyond regular maintenance by assisting Bryan County maintenance staff with repairing and painting the building at the Bottom Ball fields inside and out from ceiling to floors.
The building will be used for meetings and classes starting in mid-January.

The details have harvested and laid sod on several ball fields at the Richmond Hill Park on Timber Trail.

The sod was harvested from unused areas and layed on the infields on fields 2 and 6.

They assisted with cutting out the grassy areas of fields 10 and 11 to make them regulation Little League fields in preparation for the upcoming baseball season. This saved the citizens of Bryan County thousands of dollars.

The Richmond Hill Park detail has also redone the floors (both tile and hard ward) at the Richmond Hill Gym in preparation for the upcoming basketball season.

The Long County Prison details will also clean and sanitize the wrestling gym (Richmond Hill Pre-K gym) while the tournament winning wrestlers take a short break over the holidays.

A lot of hard work goes into maintaining and improving the recreational facilities at South Bryan County Recreation. Our tax dollars are maximized by the hard work of some talented inmates under the guidance of Officer Howard, Don Carter and Eric Gerber.

Thank you gentlemen for your dedication through another successful year at South Bryan County Recreation.

-- Kay Green, South Bryan Recreation Director

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