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Thanks for helping maintain library
Letter to editor
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Dear Editor: Thanks to the voluntary assistance of folks from Bryan County, the library at 9607 Ford Ave. in Richmond Hill has received a new coat of paint on the interior along with several other tasks being completed.
Accomplished over three weekends, the library had walls patched, external corner protectors installed and a fresh coat of paint applied.
Additionally, the carpets were steam cleaned, light fixtures cleaned and fluorescent light tubes replaced, janitorial closet cleaned, windows washed, air filter louvers washed, damaged ceiling tiles replaced and computer keyboards sanitized.
We commend the volunteers and thank them all for a tremendous effort.
One whole family joined in to assist: Lt. Col. Bill Starnes, chief of pharmacy at Fort Stewart, his wife, Wendy, their son, Mason (the edging expert), and their daughter, Molly. 
Also providing valued assistance were Deborah Melton, Andriette Back, Richard Barker, Joshua Sudbury, James Perez, Jessica Fields, Breanna McNish, Mallory McGee and Ruben Rios.

Marvin Back, Bryan County Library Trustee
and Kate Barker, Richmond Hill Public Library manager

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