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Take the time to spend more time with your folks
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I remember when I first entered college in the late 70’s and decided I was going to pursue a degree in health and wellness. I was informed by more than one professor that research demonstrated this line of work was going to be extremely popular. Advancement in technology was going to making it possible for people to do more work at a faster pace - hence leisure time was going to increase for most folks and the world was going to need more "fitness and recreation leaders." Its funny now, 30 years later and we seem to be working ourselves to death. Research forgot to figure in the desire and need of many to earn more money by working two jobs and longer hours. So what happened to all that free time?

I’m certainly not against technology…what I would have given for a DVD player in our old Ford Fairlane 500, especially on that summer trip to visit my cousin’s ranch in Texas - heck, we didn’t even have air conditioning. Now there’s some technology we can all enjoy. And the advancement in medical technology continues to make a tremendous impact in the lives of many people - without it there may well be much suffering.

But it does scare me to know that everything I can do in my office at work I can now do in my car. My drive was complicated enough when trying to shave with the rear view mirror - oh the good ole’ days!

Computers, cell phones, Black Berries, Blue Tooth’s…I’m not sure what’s next, but I figure whatever it is will sap more and more time from our already busy lives. We have the capabilities to be more accessible, more productive and generate more work than ever before in the history of mankind; but from a humanity point of view are we serving mankind well?

Technology has not only made it difficult to attain privacy and quiet solitude, for many it has become almost impossible to be alone in a state of quietness. Some psychologists have suggested the lack of privacy, quietness and solitude is one of the greatest contributors to the high rate of mental illness and to the dehumanization of modern life. I have observed that our super-tech busy lives are beginning to have a profound effect on a generation of people that couldn’t care any less about "You Tube" and "iPods.’" That generation includes people like my mom. Born in the late 1920’s, her greatest desire now is to spend a little more time with her children and grandchildren. "Nothing beats lunch and a quiet afternoon with your son" - at least according to my mom. I will say the time we spend together is becoming more and more important; and I’m not sure if it is more important to her or to me. I realize more and more that my mom and folks like her, need more time with their son or daughter…time to talk about "things", time to share feelings, time to reminisce, time to understand, time to just sit together and relax…but the key word is time.

DeLong is a Richmond Hill resident.

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