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Take advantage, vote
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The upcoming election in Richmond Hill is important for a number of reasons, not least of which is it gives voters an opportunity to help shape the future of their city. That is not an endorsement of any particular candidate nor viewpoint, but rather a simple truth. Those who are running for office likely have differences of opinion, policy and leadership style. They will obviously have different visions of what they believe Richmond Hill is and what it should become.

Richmond Hill is, of course, widely considered a ‘choice community,’ meaning people choose to live here for its many and varied charms.

Yet this community does face significant challenges.

Years of rapid growth have put a strain on infrastructure such as roads and sewer, and the crash of the housing market and subsequent implosion of the entire national economy has shown how unwise it is to rely solely on any particular industry alone to provide the basis for economic well being.

Similarly, there is an important election being held at the state level, and the candidate chosen to represent Bryan County should be a reflection of this community’s values as a whole. That will only happen if people turn out and vote. And in these days where early and advance voting have made it easy to cast a ballot, there’s really no excuse not to.

Sadly, too many still find excuses. But remember that if you don’t vote you’re a part of the problem.


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