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Sympathy for Tam Duc Le
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Dear Editor:


Hello, my name is Heather Harper and I am the sister of Laura Cobb, the 17 year old that was killed in the car accident that involved Tam Le.

You see, I live in South Carolina right outside of Charlotte, so I really don’t hear much about what is going on there in Pembroke. But last week I received an email from my cousin about the arrest of Tam Le and then again this morning about him posting bond.

I did read the articles and I felt that everyone else had gotten their chance to tell you how they felt about this case with Tam, and as a family member who has a different opinion of this I think that it is my turn to finally let y’all know.

I think that Tam being arrested was a terrible mistake. He does not deserve to be labeled as a murderer, or a felon, or in this case even a criminal. In addition, I will do everything within my power to help Tam out. I will stand behind him 110 percent.

He does not deserve the scorn that he is being objected to. You cannot blame him for this accident. It could happened to anyone, everyone in that car made a conscious decision that morning. Laura, to let Tam drive her car; Heather and Melissa to get in that car and the parents of all to let them all ride in that car, everyone one knows the risks involved.

So how can you blame the one person that is suffering the most? Yes, both families are suffering a loss that can never be regained, believe me I know, I wake up every morning knowing that my sister did not.

Yet, Tam wakes up every morning knowing that he was the only person in that car to get that second chance, and do you honestly think that he is guilt free?

You cannot really blame him for all of this. Not with a clear conscience. I must say that this case is morally and ethically unjust. And if the families of the girls would just sit back and think of the pain that they are enduring in the loss of these girls, they would realize that by prosecuting Tam they would be doing to his family exactly what has been done to our families. Like I said to you in the beginning, I am and will support Tam Le to the very end of this. He is not a murderer he is a boy, a boy who just happened to be driving my little sister's car when she died.

Why is he to blame?


Thank you for your time,

Heather Harper

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