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Supports Kingston, Johnson
Letter to the Editor

Editor; Since 1993 Jack Kingston has been our voice in Washington from Georgia’s First Congressional District.
He has faced no serious opposition and we have been spared the vitriolic back-and-forth we now see in in both our Congressional and US Senate races.  Jack has served us well, we have learned to trust him and we need to keep him in Washington. If all the stuff his opponent is saying about Jack were true, I would not vote for him nor call him my friend.  Call your friends and family throughout Georgia and encourage them to vote for Jack on July 22.
Jack vacating the congressional seat has left a void.  Seeking that office is a long time politician and entrepreneurial pharmacist from Pooler, Buddy Carter, and a retired Army surgeon from Savannah, Robert (Dr. Bob) Johnson.
Carter has implied Dr. Bob Johnson supports Obamacare, which is absolutely false.  Carter has a lot of audacity to attack anyone for anything while he pockets hundreds of thousands of dollars in Medicaid revenues each year from the Georgia Department of Community Health through his Pooler pharmacies...2013 Business Transaction Report: $440,202 (Source: and 2014 Business Transaction Report: $470,379 (Source:  Since 2005 Buddy has collected more than $6 Million!  One has to wonder how Buddy got those contracts with the Department of Community Health while serving as a State Senator with oversight of that department?

 — Dr. Jim Burnham,
St. Mary's

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