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Supports Carter
Letter to the Editor

Editor; As a small business owner, a longtime resident of the area, and the former campaign manager for third-place finisher John McCallum, I am very interested in the current campaign to replace Jack Kingston. I believe that Buddy Carter is the right choice for my fellow voters in the First Congressional District. 
Conservative Americans are embroiled in a bare-knuckled brawl for the soul of our country. We need a mature leader with a proven record of effectiveness representing us in that fight in Washington, D.C., and Buddy Carter is that person. I have been very impressed with his grasp of a wide-array of issues, but what struck me as most impressive is his stubborn insistence on conservative principles. He clearly has his priorities straight, and his success as the owner and operator of his own business shows that he can succeed in a challenging environment. I am confident that he will stick to those conservative principles when he gets to the United States Capitol just as he did as our representative at the State Capitol.
I also think it is important to note that Senator Carter has been actively supporting Jack Kingston and is the only candidate to have publicly endorsed him in his campaign for the U.S. Senate. He and Congressman Kingston clearly have a long history of friendship and shared values and will work together well if both are elected.

— Rachel Dodsworth,

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