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Support the Santa Scramble
News editorial
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We all know that Labor Day just came and went, so it’s a safe bet Christmas is hardly on most of our radars at the moment.
Lucky for us, there are folks like the Good Ol’ Boys and agencies such as Bryan County Family Connection. Their dedication and willingness to start preparing for Christmas now means a great deal to the less fortunate in our community.
Thousands of children have had their Christmases made a little more merry through such fundraisers as the annual Santa Scramble, a golf tournament that has raised tens of thousands of dollars for less fortunate kids. Organized by Richmond Hill’s Good Ol’ Boys and proudly sponsored by Bryan County News, the tournament helps jump-start the Bryan County Children’s fund – a community effort to provide gifts to local kids who otherwise might not receive presents during the holiday.
But as you probably realize, that doesn’t happen overnight. It only happens thanks to the generosity of donors and the dedication of groups such as the Good Ol’ Boys
Administered by Bryan County Family Connections to help kids referred by schools, churches and social service agencies, the fund is the end result of a lot of good spirited Samaritans who help do the fundraising, shopping, wrapping and delivering of thousands of presents each year.
That need has grown as the county grows and as the recession has deepened.  Be a part of our combined effort to help meet that need, thus ensuring that no child in Bryan County goes without a visit from Santa this year.
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