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State of the Union or state of confusion?
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By Jennifer Jeffers

Barack Obama has done it again folks. He delivered his “coming to the middle” speech, or his one-step-backward (dialectic) talk with us, the tax-paying public.
We will not be fooled by the code word “investments” that we must make to keep up with the Chinese. He should know that all economies have their up and down cycles. We need to first be responsible and stop the spending. It doesn’t get me out of debt in my own household to go shopping when I can’t pay my bills. It is no different for our own government.
They have taken on too many responsibilities and now cannot be efficient. In fact, he wants to take on even more responsibilities. I say this is the wrong direction for our republic. Have you ever taken on too many tasks in your life? It’s called spreading yourself too thin. You can do everything sort of OK but not great.
This government is bloated and needs to get back to the business it was intended to take care of. Our federal government was set up to protect and defend us so we would have a chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Stop the regulations upon regulations on small business – or large business for that matter.
The government is an octopus with too many legs. It is strangling our economy and stifling growth and innovations. Barack Obama must realize that education, health care, big business and the stock market are not areas for the federal government.
I would not be fooled by this man’s slippery tongue. He knows just what to say to make you believe that he is OK. I’m here to warn you that he is not OK. He is simply trying to get re-elected so we can have four more years of unleashed spending and march closer to a government we do not recognize.
Don’t forget how he is purposefully tearing down our economy or how he entertained Hu Jintao, the Chinese president, in our White House, while being entertained by anti-American song and laughed. I’m not laughing, are you?
Don’t forget who bowed low to foreign leaders, who flew low and unannounced over New York City after Sept. 11, who wants to try terrorists in New York City and who is shutting off our own oil supply, etc. I believe he would like to be like Hu.
He even said, “wouldn’t it be great if you could have powers like a dictator and how more efficient it would be.” That is not the direct quote, but it was the gist I got from what he said. I don’t trust this man at all. I don’t want to buddy up with him and his people (Democratic friends) at a State of the Union show either. I would like to see the Republicans come a little closer to the Tea Party’s way of thinking. If this were to happen, I could see us getting back on track to a sound governing body.
In closing, I will say I liked hearing the president say, “In the history of the world there has never been as great a democratic republic as ours.” My question is: Does he really believe this? I should not have to wonder. It’s like governing our country with some other country’s leader. Whose are you Mr. President? This would be the confusion.
In God we trust.

Jeffers lives in Richmond Hill. She can be reached at

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