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Some things are worth it
pastor corner

Pastor Jim Jackson

Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church

Saturday was tolerably cool where we live; so to escape cabin fever, my wife and I went to the plant nursery.

They had advertised Camellias, early blooming and late blooming. They were beautiful, yet the price for the larger ones were large as well. Anyhow, we picked out two large ones, one was white and the other, red. Those plants actually had beautiful booms on them.

Given our place in life at this point, we chose the early blooming ones. One never knows how much time he has left, though I know I was something of a late bloomer myself.

Of course, we knew that you can’t stick out costly plants in just any kind of soil. So we dug a little deeper into our pocketbooks and bought planting soil.

By that time, I was wondering if we had enough left to buy a couple of mocha frappes at McDonalds. Those bought at “four-bucks” just cost too much. Both of us needed one, anticipating what was awaiting us at home —planting two large, expensive camellias.

And would you believe that our choice of a place for planting one was where I discovered a large oak tree root? The camellia experts stipulate they must be planted in well drained soil and that’s what influenced our choice. Sure enough by the time I finished that hole, I was well drained myself. But with a dull axe, a sharper shovel, and an aching back, I took it on, remembering what Jesus said finishing what one starts (parable of the unfinished building).

So just before dark, I had the job finished. Briefly, we looked at what we had accomplished and complemented ourselves for a job competition, hopefully producing early blooms. Well drained soil? I pray so because the weather report was for rain, lots of it for several days. One might ask himself: “Is it worth it?” I offer a hearty “yes.” For only this afternoon, I saw a beautiful camellia in full bloom smiling back at me. The psalmist had it right: “the earth shows His handiwork.” And what a blessing in spite of (or because of) the labor to be “workers together with God.”

But I want to remind you there are other objects out there worth our labor, our trouble. Think with me about your neighborhood. I’ll bet you see some children deserving your attention. God knows, there are so many of them needing engagement by loving hearts. We have about seven elementary age ones on our street. They get excited when I walk our little Shih Tzu.

Those children love her so much, they leave their play and interrupt our walk both going and coming. But often I’m in a hurry and not wanting to pause. I mean supper is ready and the 6:30 news right afterward — important stuff. Yet I’m compelled to stop. Why? Look those little faces in their excited eyes, more fragile and beautiful than any camellia bloom. Bet ‘ya boots, it’s worth it.

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