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Some days you just have to go 'active'
Military spouse
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Almost all military spouses can be divided up into two categories: passive and active. Recently I’ve experienced some confusion about which category I belong in. I’ve always considered myself rather passive when it comes to my position as the soldier’s other half. I’m not much into Family Readiness Group meetings — although I probably should be — and I rarely find myself worrying about my husband’s upcoming promotions.
I’d met many active Army wives and our differences were glaringly obvious. Some of you know what I mean when I say (write) “active.” Some of you know exactly who I’m talking about; some of you are married to who I’m talking about; and probably all of you have found yourself in the war path of an active military spouse at some point in your experience.
Actives often  display the “proud Army wife” stickers on their cars, and they usually own at least a few T-shirts bearing the same slogan. They know just as much about the military as their husbands. Actives have their soldier’s first sergeant on speed dial and call regularly to share concerns.
That’s just not me. I take everything the military dishes out with a heaping spoonful of optimism and understanding and hope for the best. Well, I did.
Then we began our leave trip. Our jam-packed itinerary didn’t provide much time for relaxation except for the last few days, which we planned to spend in a remote log cabin, taking a breather and celebrating our third anniversary.
So when Josh came back to the car after signing out and said that a problem with the paperwork would require us to return a few days earlier, the switch in the military spouse section of my brain quickly moved from its usual passive position and into active. And I have to say, it was kind of nice. After a couple years of sitting back and letting things happen as they may, it was nice to call the first sergeant and report my problem, then watch as it quickly was solved.
Let’s just hope I don’t get carried away because I’ve noticed there’s a fine line between active and crazy.

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