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Solar-energy proposal is worrisome
Letter to editor
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Editor, I received an email today that inspired me to get more involved in political issues here in Georgia.  
The email was a bulletin titled “Senator Carter’s Solar Scheme is a Sham to Georgia Taxpayers,” written by Dr. Bob Johnson.
Johnson is a cancer surgeon and former Army Ranger running for Georgia’s 1st Congressional District. This bulletin outlines the big-government behavior of Johnson’s opponent, state Sen. Buddy Carter. Carter has proposed legislation that aims to “level the playing field” in solar energy, providing the government with another method for interfering with our day-to-day lives. It just perpetuates the failed efforts of state and federal governments to pick winners and losers in the alternative-energy universe and sending taxpayers the bill for their wasteful scheming.
The inefficiency of the government is well-documented, and it deeply concerns me that someone I had hoped would represent my best interests as a conservative has brought such legislation to the table. Carter’s actions on this matter are another way of imposing more bureaucracy on our way of life.  His actions concerning solar energy — in addition to his previous comments concerning Obamacare — expose Carter as another big-government candidate masquerading as a conservative.

— William Horne

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