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So now she's "Teflon' Hillary
Letter to the editor

Editor, On July 4, we celebrated our independence from an oppressive king. On July 5, we saw an oppressive and corrupt government in action. Remember the "Teflon" don, John Gotti, in New York? We now have "Teflon" Hillary, who is being protected by a corrupt president who constantly ignores the Constitution.

Just look at the facts. The FBI started investigating possible criminal action on the part of Hillary Clinton about a year ago. FBI Director James Comey met with President Barack Obama in May. Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix. A coincidence? They only talked about their grandchildren for 39 minutes. Right!

Then, on July 2, Hillary Clinton met with the FBI. Three days later, Comey comes out and clearly proves that Hillary violated three federal laws. One is a felony and the others misdemeanors. Yet, he says, there should be no indictment. This decision should have been left to a grand jury.

Only a few hours later, Obama flies Hillary to North Carolina in Air Force One for a campaign speech at the taxpayers’ expense. It costs $200,000 an hour to fly Air Force One. This trip was preplanned. Do you think this trip would have been preplanned the same day that Comey came out with his report if the president didn’t already know the outcome? Maybe, he didn’t know the details of what Comey was going to say, but he had to know what Comey’s recommendation would be.

Then, the president had Hillary give her speech, standing behind the presidential podium with the symbol of the Office of the President on the front of the podium. Talk about subliminal suggestion.

Comey tried to say he wouldn’t recommend prosecution because she didn’t have the requisite intent, but the law doesn’t require intent; it requires merely "gross negligence" under 18 U.S.C. 793. In fact, even the level of intent required to charge under statutes like 18 U.S.C. 1924 and 18 U.S.C. 798 was clearly met — the intent to place classified information in a non-approved, non-classified place.

If the voters elect Hillary to the presidency, we will see one of the most corrupt and oppressive governments in America’s history.

Len Calderone


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