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Smiling officer brightens day
Letter to editor
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Editor, A smile is much  more valuable than one would think. It creates friendships, alters moods, creates happiness in the home and offers many other benefits. I would like to share my example of the benefits of a smile.
I recently realized that a police officer directing traffic in front of Richmond Hill Middle School has been making me smile for quite some time, and maybe I just took it for granted. He is not there every day, and the other officers — while I am sure they are good, nice people — just are not the same.
One day, my coworker asked, “Have you ever noticed the policeman on Harris Trail with the big smile who waves to every car that passes?”
I said, “Yes.” I thought I was the only one who noticed.
“You just can’t help but smile and wave back,” she replied. “It is contagious, as well as the great mood it creates for one’s day.”
I researched the police department’s website and found the name behind the smile. His name is Cpl. Timothy Saia, and I personally would like to say what I now am sure that others have felt as well: Thank you for the kind smile and wave you give to everyone and for making my day better.
Charlene Sumerlin McInerney
Richmond Hill

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