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Slowing down, one car at a time
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There used to be a time when it seemed driving the speed limit was so uncommon you rarely found anyone who didn't speed. That's changing as gas prices continue to stay in the $4 per gallon neighborhood.

Yes, people are slowly starting to slow down. A bit.

We don't have stats to back that up, but base this on a personal observation. One of our employees has for several months been driving the speed limit everywhere except on I-95. There, he drives 60 mph.

What he's found is that while he still gets passed like Ward Burton on a NASCAR track - that's to say by just about everybody - most drivers aren't going by as fast. What's more, some folks are staying behind him.

You may ask why this is important. Well, it may not be of much import in the great scheme of things - though we believe that the slower all of us drive, the less gas we use collectively. That means less damage to our pocketbook, less money going to the oil companies and foreign governments that may or may not like us and, just as important, less damage to the environment.

There's not a bad reason in the bunch.

If you still speed, why not consider backing off the lead foot a little? If you're one of the drivers who has slowed down, thanks. It's good to know you care.

Jeff Whitten for the Bryan County News

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