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Signs of growth are all around
pastor corner

If you have been out and about at all in our local community, you will have seen a lot of signs of growth.

They are adding two more lanes to one of the main roads going out of Richmond Hill, Highway 144, and many new housing developments are being built. Also, new businesses are opening up in our area.

Just like there are signs of growth in a community, so there are signs of growth in a person’s spiritual life. When a person decides to be a follower of Jesus Christ, the scripture tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that we become a brand new person – our old life begins to disappear and our new life takes shape.

Some of these signs could include a desire to worship God with fellow believers. In other words, a new believer will want to find a house of worship to become part of to join with people of a like mind.

Some more signs of growing spiritually is the desire to learn more from God’s word, the Bible, and to spend time in prayer with our heavenly Father.

We will also want to get involved in some ministry that we are gifted in, in order to help others come to Christ.

One last sign that I want to mention is a changed life. Others will notice a change in attitude, actions and behaviors. Others who are searching for a better life will want what we have.

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