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Shariah law is exploiting the Constitution
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For more than 235 years, we have depended on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as the foundation of our judicial system. This system is being eroded by courts that are now making their own laws and throwing out the laws passed by our elected officials. The latest trend in the courts is to follow Shariah, which is Islamic law, and international laws that have nothing to do with this country.
The Center for Security Policy, a Washington, D.C., think tank that focuses on national security issues, states, “The Muslim Brotherhood and others are exploiting our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to demand tolerance of its medieval religious practices and to repress free speech where it gives offense to them. In this sense, they are effectively imposing Shariah ‘blasphemy’ laws in America.” Basically, this means that our courts should consider anything that is offensive to Muslims as slander.
The Center for Security Policy’s Team B II reports that “Newspapers, magazines, websites and television channels are censoring their writers and themselves in order to comply with Shariah blasphemy demands, lest they lend offense or suffer violent consequences. The Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed are a case in point. Comedy Central has banned its own artists from depicting Mohammed, even though it allows ridicule of Jesus Christ.”
Shariah law has entered into court decisions in conflict with the Constitution. U.S. courts have yielded to Shariah law and failed to adhere to the very beliefs on which this country was founded. In Hosain v. Malik, an American court in Maryland awarded full custody of a daughter to her father, enforcing a court order from Pakistan, an Islamic country that follows Shariah law, although the mother in the custody battle was never deemed unfit and the daughter actually said she was afraid of her father, who allegedly administered physical abuse.
According to Jihad Watch, in June 2009, a divorced Muslim woman, who reportedly was raped and assaulted by her husband, requested a restraining order from a New Jersey family court. The presiding judge denied the woman’s request and stated that “the court believes that the husband was operating under his belief that his demand to have sexual relations whenever he so desired was not prohibited (under Shariah).” New Jersey law says otherwise. This ruling allowed the husband to continue treating his wife in such a fasion until the ruling was overturned 13 months later.
Is it now illegal to preach Christianity in Dearborn, Mich.? Have Shariah rules been imposed there? Islamic supremacists were handed a victory for their violent intimidation and threats. City spokeswoman Mary Laundroche said the permit Pastor Terry Jones requested to hand out pamphlets had been denied for “public safety reasons.” That likely means the city was afraid Muslims would riot. So free Americans’ rights were limited.
Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer said that globalization may change the way the First Amendment applies in the United States. Burning the Quran, as Jones did, is singled out as a crime of greater magnitude than burning the Bible. The Shariah goal of establishing Muslims and Islam as a superior class with rights and privileges beyond those of ordinary U.S. citizens is taking hold with our courts.
According to the American Thinker, the Quran “commands Muslims to change secular laws to conform to shariah or to impose shariah worldwide. ... Disobeying Shariah can be punished by flogging or death.
“By contrast, Jewish and Catholic Canon laws are never imposed. ... Jews and Catholics are required to follow secular law and are under no obligation whatsoever to abide by Jewish or Catholic Church doctrine.”
Isn’t it time that the Christians and Jews of this country stand up and demand that all Muslims in this country obey our laws and not Shariah?
Calderone is a conservative who lives in Midway. He is a professional salesperson and for 30 years has written articles for trade publications in various fields.

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