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Sanction Carson for out-of-touch remarks
Letter to editor
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Dear editor: Congressman Andre Carson, D-Ind., is obviously ignorant of the Tea Party people’s goals when he makes the outlandish comments as he did the other day.
While he has made other ridiculous accusations, such as the one in March 2010 when health care protesters hurled racial slurs at the Congressional Black Caucus during their walk from the Cannon Building to the chambers (which was never proven by way of audio and video taken during that time), it seems he gets things confused enough that one wonders if he is fit for office.
His comment that “the Tea Partiers would love to see us as second-class citizens … some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me hanging on a tree” was not just incendiary but unfitting for an elected official to make.
Looking into his record, I find it dismal. He has done nothing to improve education when you look at the scores. And he has voted for many failed remedies that he promised would help unemployment (more blacks are out of work than ever before).
He might have visited the American service members in Iraq, but our service men and women need financial help with their retirement plan and immediately need a pay increase. And no “green” company has shown to achieve all they promise – some even go bankrupt.
Congressman Carson should be sanctioned for his remarks that no longer belong to the 21st century.

Elizabeth Bartlett
Richmond Hill

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