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RV park not good fit for Fort McAllister area
Guest columnist

You are probably aware by now that there is a proposal to allow construction of a 25-vehicle RV park/campground on the parcel owned by Bob and Paula Massey, represented by Mark Gordon located to the east of the trash dump on Fort McAllister Road.

The proposal was submitted in September and was supposed to be decided in November by the P&Z Board but a deferral was granted and it is now on the agenda for the meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6 in the Administrative Complex on 66 Captain Matthew Freeman Drive.

At the November meeting, four citizens and the P&Z staff poke against the proposal for reasons which included conflict with the peaceful residential character of the area, probable traffic hazards, inadequate arrangements for sewage and wastewater treatment,potential damage to adjacent wetlands, unnecessary competition with the under-utilized campground at Fort McAllister State Park and a negative impact on property values along Fort McAllister Road and in adjacent neighborhoods.

To sum up the opinion of many local residents and homeowners, it would threaten the peaceful, low density, scenic surroundings that caused them to originally move there.

In other words, it would constitute “bad development”.

No one challenges the right of property owners to use and profit from their land but the proposed RV park is simply offensive and inappropriate. Further, no one bears any ill will to our neighbors, Mark Gordon and the Masseys who we know to be good and decent people.

This is simply a civil disagreement about the direction that development should take in our area. Surely a more desirable use can be found for this land that will be satisfactory to all parties. If you have strong feelings about this issue, please attend the meeting on Dec. 6 and let your voice be heard about a subject that has an impact on our quality of life.

Kent is a retired Army colonel, former Bryan County School board chairman. He lives on Fort McAllister Road.

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