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Risks are scary; worth it
Military spouse
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My husband and I now are just a few small steps away from making what may be one of the riskiest decisions a military family can make. That’s right — we’re buying a house. With only the finalities left in the process, I’m starting to pack up my clothes — most of which don’t fit my new pregnant figure anyway — and perusing paint swatches for a nursery.
Since I graduated from high school, I’ve moved at least once a year. First it was my college dorm; then we got married and rented a house in the country; then my husband joined the military and we got a mobile home in Hinesville; and now we’ve spent almost a year in our current rental house. Soon, we’re looking to move just a few houses down the road to a place where we’re hoping to take up a more permanent residence.
I find myself continually chanting “Please don’t PCS, please don’t PCS, please don’t PCS.” Still, the switch from a rent payment to a mortgage will save us some money monthly, and we’ll likely be able to rent the place out for more than our payment should we be stationed elsewhere. I just wouldn’t mind staying here for a while longer than our standard year.
In military families, it’s not uncommon to keep a few boxes packed up and ready to go should the need arise. I know families who practically live out of their suitcases for fear of a change of duty station, but I refuse. We’ve laid down roots here, and signing on a dotted line may be a huge commitment, but it’s one we’re excited for — even if it means taking a little risk to receive a high re-

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