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Response to a column
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Dear Editor:

In response to Ms. DeBry’s column of April 19: I don’t know many people who haven’t used a "pie" chart to illustrate something.

I’m still trying to figure out how Michelle Obama's use of one could have raised so much "ire." She has been in public service for years and I’ll just bet she earned every penny that she has. All Democrats are not on welfare, I thought that program was done away with anyway, am I wrong?

Your illustration of the "politburo" (think Dick Cheney on that one), communism, socialism, Elitist Liberal ad nauseam stuff seems to me to fit our present situation in this country, where the people who get up and go to work every day, pay all the bills for education, police protection, foreign policy, wars etc., etc., (cutting taxes in time of war even sounds stupid to me), while the fat cats (half percent) who have 99 percent of the wealth send their jobs overseas to fatten their bottom lines, while taking away their employees' benefits, which they can’t afford to pay themselves because salaries are flat and have been for years. Remember the trickle down economics of Ronald Reagan, boy that sure fell flat didn’t it? I guess Ms. DeBry had rather live in a fascist dictatorship, which it seems to me, we are being goose stepped straight for.

As for wondering where all that additional money invested in the stock market came from, try China, and a lot of our other enemies. China owns more T’Bills than we the people do. "Allegedly" Spain, a fascist dictatorship, owns the concession on tollbooths on the NAFTA highway, which "allegedly" already started in Texas, and our "president" has already given away our sovereignty and done away with our borders between Mexico and Canada. Hey! Maybe that’s why he won’t secure our borders, you think? Are our Ports secure? That should really be a concern for this area. "Allegedly" when the NAFTA highway is completed goods can come into Mexican ports and be driven straight thought USof A, to Canada, thereby doing away with the need for Ports on the West Coast. Hey! They don’t need an economy anyway. They’re all liberals! A lot of our technology comes from Silicon Valley though.

I really hate what is going on in this Country right now, talk about your "ire." If we don’t heal the division being promoted in this country by the radical, far right wing, who it seems to me are doing their best to turn us into a theocracy like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan (where our soldiers should be chasing Osama Ben laden) and all those theocratic Muslim nations, I’m afraid we are going to lose our wonderful Country.

Maybe you should read something about how the Taliban treats women, Ms. DeBry, my daughter did and she said it made her sick to her stomach. I think people need to stop listening to the Pat Robertson’s and other evangelists of this country, who are only making themselves rich. I want to know why people are afraid to stand up and say they are not represented by these so called Christians, and admit that they don’t have a lot of deep concern about what church our public officials go to and don’t really need them to publicize their faith. Look what that got us in the last two elections. Aren’t you followers of Evangelists proud of what "W" has done to - uh - for our country!

We have all these really serious problems in the world, and someone, who does seem to have a brain of sorts, actually spends a quarter of a page in the newspaper on "pie" charts and the evils there of. MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!


Respectfully Libby Serrao, on the left side of center

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