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Resolutions can have positive results
pastor corner

For most, making New Year’s resolutions is just something you do with little intention on keeping them. Researchers come to the conclusion that only 9% of Americans complete them. It also concludes that 23% quit them by the end of the first week and 43% quit by the end of January.

If they mean anything to us, then we need to be more committed than the man I read about the other day. He had been reading article after article about the importance of having a healthy diet and the benefits of exercise, so he came up with his New Year’s resolution - no more reading.

The truth is that most resolutions, if kept, lead to positive results. Let me just give you a couple of examples. An improved diet and exercise most likely will lead to better health and a person feeling better. Being kinder and more thoughtful will most likely lead to better relationships.

I believe that resolving to grow more in a person’s relationship with God is the most rewarding. It’s improving on our daily habits like prayer and the study of God’s Word. It’s becoming better givers and active in the practice of sharing our faith with others. Spiritual growth benefits God because it pleases Him, honors Him, and helps build up His kingdom. It also helps us to be effective and productive in our faith as we live it out before others.

I hope this year you have resolved to be a better person but especially a better follower of Jesus.

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