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Reason to be thankful
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Look hard or far enough these days, and you can find reason to complain or cause for concern. Actually, you really don't have to do much searching.

Abroad, we’re not popular and the world seems as dangerous now as it ever did during the height of the cold war with the Soviet Union, thanks to the ambitions of nations such as Iran. And despite real signs of hard won success, the war in Iraq is dragging on, claiming more each day in terms of national treasure and lives.

At home, there are signs of growing trouble.

Financially, the euro has become for some the currency the U.S. dollar once was. The credit crunch, housing market bust and climbing gas prices are causing real pain not just here, but in many economies.

Our porous borders are causing insecurity. Crime is up, and seemingly more heinous or incomprehensible acts occur with each passing cable network news flash.

There’s also reason to be worried about the environment, which some say is finally starting to show signs of wear after years of abuse by we humans. Others believe whatever is happening now - global warming, droughts, etc. - are merely natural phenomena. Either way, there’s evidence things are starting to head toward a tipping point.

But with all that said, there’s also proof we have much, much to be thankful for here in Bryan County and elsewhere. We're free to think, act and worship as we please. Many of us are prosperous, live in comfortable homes (if not downright luxurious by world standards) and want for little or nothing. What's more, there are triumphs in every field, from medicine to politics and arts and letters to science, around the globe. The push for freedom is playing out on stages all over the world.

And even in the most benighted, backwards and terrible places, there are those who rush in to help.

So at this time of year, please remember that no matter how bad things may seem when you ponder the state of the nation or the planet, there are always plenty of reasons to be thankful.

You really don't have to look that far to find them, either.

Bryan County News

Nov. 21, 2007

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