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Reader endorses Gaylor to lead commissioners
Letter to the editor

Editor, Most of the people of Bryan County are aware that we are in the midst of another election. Most of these elections affect all of us in some way.

The Bryan County Board of Commissioners chairman’s race is most important. The commissioners are in charge of the second largest business in Bryan County, behind the Board of Education.

The 2015 budget for Bryan County was $19,510,839. The qualifications of all of these people are very important.

Signs and people waving signs do not have any effect on the qualifications of those seeking office.

A popularity contest is not what the county needs. Bryan County needs someone who has the experience and qualifications to run a business; someone who provides employment with jobs and benefits; someone who has purchased workers compensation and general liability; someone who has matched Social Security for employees — someone who performs all of the tasks it takes to hold the chairman’s office.

I am personally supporting Tim Gaylor. I would appreciate your joining me in voting for the most qualified candidate. A candidate who will look at all sides of the issues and make informed decisions. Carter Infinger has not made informed decisions and has not followed up on the commitments he has made over his tenure as commissioner.

I have attended many commissioners meetings over the past six years. I have yet to see a positive action come from Mr. Infinger. I have not seen the sign wavers nor any positive results from all of the signs throughout the county.

The only request that was asked of Mr. Infinger was to make sure all of the people of Bryan County and small and local businesses have the opportunity of a level field and for the county to follow up on their commitments. Mr. Infinger has worked against the people of Bryan County rather than for them.

Please cast your vote for Tim Gaylor for county commissioners chairman.

Charles Stafford

Richmond Hill

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