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A promise you will not regret
pastor corner

Well, it was not intentional, but I have a confession to make. My column for last week was mistaken. I did not have surgery this week, and in fact it has been postponed indefinitely.

I still have a toe that is misshapen. And if I wear the wrong shoes it can become quite irritated.

But the simple truth of the matter is this: If I wear the right shoes, and if I am careful about my activities, the foot does not hurt. That being the case, the doctor agreed that surgery is not my best option at the moment.

But there is a high likelihood that I will one day have to undergo that operation. The foot is not going to get better on its own.

How like my spiritual life is that foot. The Bible says that the human heart is deceitful. It says that we are all sinners, and that none of us is righteous. And it says that our sin is both pervasive and destructive. It touches every aspect of our beings, and it will destroy us in the end unless we do something about it.

And here is the hardest part of all. I cannot fix it by myself. I want to break old habits. I want to do the right thing. But without the intervention of the Lord himself I am helpless to repair my own life. I need a mediator.

The good news is that Jesus came for the very purpose of being that mediator for you and for me. He stands in the gap for us, making it possible for us to have a proper and right relationship with God.

As both God and man, he is perfectly suited for that purpose. He experienced life as we know it except that he did not sin. And he is perfect in his holiness and righteousness. I have trusted Jesus to save me, but I need to trust him every day for every aspect of my life. The same is true for you.

I invite you to trust in Jesus - not merely to save you, but to guide you, to protect you and to make you the person he created you to be.

That’s a commitment you will never regret.

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