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Not all critics are racists
Letter to the editor
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Editor, This is an open letter to Attorney General Eric Holder.
Those of us who criticize President Obama do so because of his policies not because of his race so you are wrong to think of us as racists.
One who dislikes the President could possibly think he is a socialist/Marxist; knows nothing about foreign policy; has eroded our relationships with our allies; has led the country in the wrong direction; will not protect our country by closing our borders; has favored unions over businesses; has ignored the Constitution and Senate; has signed too many Presidential orders; has corrupted the health care insurance programs with Obamacare; gave tax dollars to support global warming companies which went broke; he lies; he is off golfing while countries are on fire and people are being beheaded; he has ignored scandals in the IRS, Benghazi and GSA; he has made our energy crisis worse; his desire to redistribute wealth while reducing our military forces has weakened our country financially as well as making our country vulnerable to our enemies. He has never been nor is he qualified to be President.
In light of the facts above I am scared for our country and I am angry, frustrated and intensely dislike President Obama because he is turning the United States into a Third-World country with seemingly the United Nations being our police force.
It is not racial, it is what you do with yourself, how you conduct yourself, how you respond to situations, how you dress, how you speak, how you respect people, it is the goals and that common thread that binds us. To live in the past, focusing on the unpleasant times makes one frozen in time and unable to move forward.
Unfortunately, this is President Obama, an unattached person wandering aimlessly. It is the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are promoting racism and that is because they make their livelihood that way.
When I think of Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Niger Innis, Alan Keyes, Mia Love, Vernon Parker, Star Parker, Jesse Lee Peterson, Condoleeza Rice, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, J.C. Watts, Walter Williams and so many more, I am reminded of outstanding people who are the best. I have a lot in common with their goals, their love of country, their desire to promote a good education, their interest in outer space, and their respect for the Constitution and our laws; they see the need to develop and energy-sufficient country and they recognized the terrorists for what they are. The list of common goals could go on.

Liz Bartlett

Richmond Hill

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