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Noah (6), a type of Christ
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By Dr. Lawrence Butler, The Bridge Church, Pembroke

Sixteen similarities between Noah and Christ.

1. “Noah” means rest.

“This same shall comfort us…” (Gen. 5:28,29). Isa. 11:10, Matt. 11:28

 2. The first thing said about Noah was, “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (Gen. 6:8). Not his family, just Noah. The first thing spoken by God after Jesus began His ministry is Matt. 3:17.

3. The next thing said about Noah was that he was a just man, which means righteous. Luke 23:47 

4. Noah was perfect in his generations (Gen. 6:9). Luke 1:35 

5. Noah walked with God (Gen. 6:9). Luke 2:52, 4:4, 6:12, 23:46

 6. God gave Noah an honorable job to perform. John 17:4 

7. Only Noah is mentioned as working on the ark. I Peter 2:24

 8. There is silence during the building of the ark. It makes it appear as though It was done quickly. Leviticus 16:30 – One day was given for atonement and it was done. In one day – 6 hours on the cross – God’s plan of salvation was completed.

9. Noah’s work was successful in the “saving of his house” (Heb. 11:7). So also Christ “as a son over his own house” redeemed His people. Also, Rom. 8:21 

10. The animal creation was subject to Noah, thus boarding the ark. Psalms 8:4-8, Mark 1:13, Heb. 2:8 

11. Noah was a food provider (Gen. 6:21). So Christ is the Bread of Life (Matt. 26:26, John 6:35).

12. Noah was obedient in all things (Gen. 6:22). See Phil. 2:8.

13. Noah took all in his care into the ark and brought them forth (Gen. 8:18). See John 18:9.

14. Noah built an altar after exiting the ark, and offered an offering Gen. 8:20). Consider Christ who gave Himself (Eph. 5:2).

15. God blessed Noah and his sons (Gen. 9:1). This foreshadows our blessing in Christ (Eph. 1:3).

16. God established His covenant with Noah and his seed after him (Gen.9:8-9). How much greater is our covenant through Jesus Christ our Lord – the “blood of the everlasting covenant” (Eph. 1:3).

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