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No recycling without referendum
Letter to editor
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Dear Editor: How can recycling be done without the people’s knowledge? Everyone my husband and I have talked to, including some Pembroke residents, do not know about it. Some people don’t get the paper, and they will find out when the containers are dropped off or on their tax bill.
Every citizen should have been notified by mail. This should have been voted on by the people – not at a meeting when you get the most people there to get it voted your way. Most people don’t have time to go to these meetings. What about elderly people living on fixed incomes, people losing their homes, insurance going up, gas prices, food prices, electric bills?
I called one of the officials before it passed and explained all of this and that this was not the time to add unnecessary tax dollars to your homes. But did he listen? No.
I called another after it passed, and he said he votes for the majority at the meetings. Please, they either don’t get it or they do not care. This should have been voted on by all of the people – not just a few that show up at a meeting.
Read my lips, I will not pay $35 for something I’m not going to do. I have nothing against recycling, but if the county is going to make big bucks, it should be free. Remember what they said about the trash and fire – that it wouldn’t go up? Well, it is now $120 each.
Shame on all of you – you are not for the people of Bryan County. This was unnecessary. Lord, come quick because only you will rule.

Karen Yawn
Richmond Hill

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