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Nation, community need jobs
Letter to editor
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Editor, I admire candidates who take the time to reach each and every voter with a personal face-to-face discussion concerning their plans to carry our city forward. Door-to-door campaigning is no easy task.
Walking throughout each and every neighborhood with a deep desire to speak to each and every voter, a candidate deserves our respect. I wish these brave candidates success. With the economy in shambles, jobs shipped overseas and then shipped back to this country in containers that litter the grounds of stores like Walmart and our federal government shut down over a congressional stalemate, a candidate who visits door-to-door has to be one brave soul with determination.
It’s a sad state of affairs when the majority of a country buries its head in the sand with hope the storm passes it over with no harm. The citizens need to pay attention or else, in addition to their heads being buried in the sand, their entire lives will be buried in the sand.  
Take a trip out by Walmart and other big retailers and take a long, hard look at the numbers of shipping containers stacked about. American jobs are locked in those containers, and when those containers are opened and the jobs are placed on the shelves of the market place, Americans — even those without a job — rush in to make purchases to continue the never-ending circle of sending jobs overseas.  
We need jobs in the USA; we need jobs in our community.  
— Dianne Rutland, Richmond Hill

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