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Mosquito control is health issue
Letter to editor
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Dear editor: Authorities are calling 2011 “the most severe threat year ever” for the West Nile virus with rapidly increasing numbers of positive samples coming in so far this year.
I have tried to no avail to get Bryan County to spray in my neighborhood. The supervisor of public works told me if four to five people in the same neighborhood called to complain in the same week, they would spray. I know of four people who called, but they never sprayed.
I talked with my county commission representative Carter Infinger and was told if five to 10 people called, they would possibly spray. The numbers keep changing. He told me how expensive the spray was and that they didn’t feel it was effective and the county hadn’t allocated enough money for spraying. He said they did not spray at all last year and made it very clear they probably won’t do so this year.
My personal opinion is this is a health issue. The county commissioners already have a wish list for the new six-year SLPOST bill, and we already have an education-SPLOST. And now we are supposed to vote in 2012 for transportation-SPLOST to take on roads, plus what we pay in property taxes – and we can’t get something as simple as taking care of a health issue like mosquito control.
If you want mosquito spraying in your neighborhood, call Bryan County Public Works at 653-4511 and your county commissioner. Perhaps if enough people complain, the county will get its priorities straight.
Marguerite Gilmore
South Bryan County

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