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More on choosing friends wisely
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The company one keeps is a vital part of the makeup of one’s character. Last week we began thinking about this matter.

The Psalmist said some things that will help all to understand how this should be done and the importance of doing it correctly. The Psalmist then talked of “standing in the way of sinners.” This would be one who supports things for which a sinner would stand.

Some want to look the other way while sin goes on - this should never happen. If one is true to God, then God’s will must be done. One who stands with sinners is partaking of the sin even though they may think they are not involved.

Once a truck driver, who was a Christian, needed employment. A new industry had just moved into the community where he lived. They needed truck drivers, but the man would not even apply. Why?

The new industry was a brewery. His stance was with God. He could not drive down the road advertising alcohol when he knew drinking was a sin. More people need to take this man’s stand and stop standing with sinners.

The Psalmist talked about sitting in the seat of scoffers. The word “sitteth,” as used in this passage, means to dwell, live or stay in a place for any period. Scoffers are those who speak in a mocking way about a thing.

Peter talked about scoffers in 2 Peter 3. Here were those who scoffed at the idea of the second coming of Christ. They were more concerned with their own matters than that of spiritual matters. They ignored the fact of creation, and of the flood.

Their selfishness blinded them to the plain facts about God.

One who is striving to lead a life of faithfulness to God would not want to be a companion of one who scoffs at God. This should be something one considers when contemplating marriage.The idea that a person will change after marriage may not work out so well. It may be that a godly person can be influenced to become ungodly.

Paul warned, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners” (1 Corinthians 15:33). Many a godly person has been overcome with the temptation to be with a worldly person only to find out they could not change the person.

The blessed man will have nothing to do with the aforementioned but will seek out God’s word and will seek to find others who also love and serve God. When one seeks to truly examine himself, looking to the company that is kept is one means of finding out where one stands.

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