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Missed goals have consequences
pastor corner

This past weekend the Chicago Bears were matched up against the Philadelphia Eagles in a playoff game. At the very end of the game, Chicago’s field goal kicker missed a potential game winning field goal which would have won the game for them.

There were consequences for this miss, including boos from the fans, a loss for the team, an end to their season and the goal kicker’s market value for the future.

Even though this past year he signed a contract, the team could choose to buy it out and waive him or just replace him as their starting kicker. It could lead to his career being over and loss of potential future money after his contract is over.

There are things in life with far greater consequences. There is more to life than money and “winning.” There are things that happen to us physically that can limit our quality of life or lead to an early death. There are relational breakups that can lead to loneliness and heartache.

The one thing with the greatest consequences is choosing to reject Jesus out of our lives, which means missing out on peace on this earth, the absence of guilt and eternal life in this place called heaven.

It also carries with it the consequence of spending eternity in that place called hell.

The good news is that none of us have to suffer these consequences, because the invitation to receive Jesus is open to everyone.

If you lose a football game, life goes on. But if you lose your soul, you’ve lost it all.

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