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Military heroism deserves appreciation
Letter to editor
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Dear Editor: I very much enjoyed reading Jameson Cunningham’s thought-provoking column in last Saturday’s Bryan County News regarding retired Navy captain and Sen. John McCain, and I want to thank you for publishing his comments. I concur with Jameson’s opinion that the senator certainly should be considered a true American hero for what he personally endured while serving his country in Southeast Asia.
In 1992, I had the honor and privilege of meeting Sen. McCain in Vietnam while I was assigned duty there relating to POW-MIA issues. While in the capital, he took the time from his schedule to give our team an exterior tour of the infamous American POW prison known as the “Hanoi Hilton,” of which Cunningham mentions in the article. McCain commented on his time there, where brave and courageous servicemen endured years of unimaginable torture and humiliation at the hands of ruthless North Vietnamese captors and interrogators. This event I consider to be one of the highlights of my 20 years as a Marine.
Yes, unfortunately many of our fellow Americans have forgotten or do not appreciate or understand what others have done that is above and beyond what was expected when our nation called them into harm’s way. I haven’t forgotten, and I am proud of Jameson for not forgetting their unselfish service.
I cannot speak for the good senator, but I feel as though he would be equally thrilled and honored to know that a member of Jameson’s generation appreciates and understands his and others’ actions and enormous sacrifices throughout our history that have made our country the envy and hope for freedom- and justice-seeking people throughout the world. All gave some; some gave all.

Semper Fidelis,
Retired Maj. Don Roberts, USMC
RHHS social studies teacher

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