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Memories of when school was out
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When school was out we’d laugh and shout because we knew that when our chores were done we’d have time for lots of fun.


Jim recalls swimming, basketball and baseball and trips to Atlantic beach. Camping and cooking over an open fire was another treat-hot dogs and toasted marshmallows- yum!


Louise enjoyed peanut boiling as well as picnics, sweet tea, and games at neighbors.


Gerri rested after her chores were done. As an adult she was a Cabin Mom for a church group- her comment- "You have to be a nut to be a Cabin Mom" (She had a twinkle in her eye, however.)


Betty L. loved the swimming, games and hikes at Camp Lara Walker in Waycross Georgia and the visit to Okenfenokee Swamp. The last day of Camp, all the breakfast was burned except for the bacon and toast.


Edna worked a lot but in her free time she and her brother fished in the creek.


Betty and Geraldine enjoyed hoola hoops, roller skating, picnics and wading in the river.


Annie Mae – Just loved being on the basketball team at Tuskegee, Alabama.


Clyde – Walked to the carnivals and enjoyed the funny, really crazy shows.


Thelma – Read a lot, sewed on a machine, made really good biscuits, and kept her grandmother company.


Zena Mae – Enjoyed cleaning up the yard and quilt making.


Ethel – Rode horses, waded in the creek, sewed, embroidered and did quilting with her mom, and loved picking violets.


Juanita – Chased after her younger brother, played Hide and Seek, Ring a Round a Rosy and run barefoot in plowed up field.


Tony – Swimming in Peach Tree Creek.


Mattie – Collected pine resin to chew. Loved jumping rope, playing catch and learning how to sew on her Mama’s machine.


Linda – Grade school summer program in New York State. Learned to swim in a very cold, spring fed lake. She claims it is never too cold in New York to swim.


P.S. These former children have July birthdays – Pearl 4th, Zena 16th, Linda 21st, Fred 26th, and Barbara 29th. May God bless you and may you always be young at heart.

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