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Marker in RH Village should be changed
Letter to editor
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Editor, While visiting my sister who lives in Richmond Hill Village, she pointed out to me the historical marker placed in her neighborhood state it to be “the ‘Bottom’ Village,” which, she says, is just a decades-old nickname for the area.
In my opinion, to place incorrect information on a marker and stick it in a neighborhood is both derogatory and degrading to those responsible for the information and to the residents.
It appears someone didn’t do their research since the county tax records and the property deeds plainly state the area as Richmond Hill Village. I understand from my sister that the Richmond Hill Historical Society and the city of Richmond Hill have steadfastly refused to remove the derogatory marker or correct the marker.
It’s not politically correct to put such a name on a marker in a neighborhood for all to see and pass judgment on the people who live there. I think I can speak for a number of people when I say that we commonly think of a “bottom” area as being trashy and riddled with drugs and crime. How awful for the historical society and city to refuse to admit their error and get it right.

— Etta Lynn Scott, Tifton

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