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Love as God does
pastor corner

My wife and I just returned from a week of vacation. We spent our time on the Gulf Coast, enjoying the beautiful sunsets across the Gulf of Mexico. As I view the world in which we live, I must simply say over and over that I amazed by the marvelous and creative work of God.

It boggles my mind that there are people who truly believe our universe came to be by a cosmic accident. It has all of the characteristics of having been planned and prepared.

Obviously, I believe these traits are there because it was created. God formed and fashioned our world in all of its glory to reflect his glory.

I am far from a world traveler, but I have been privileged to visit many beautiful sites. I’ve seen the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I’ve seen the Smokies in Tennessee and North Carolina. And I’ve seen the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. In each of these places, I have had the opportunity to see God’s handiwork in all its splendor.

There is one thing that is emphasized about creation in the book of Genesis that I believe is worth mentioning. After creating each aspect of the universe, God declared, “It is good.” But when he created Adam, the first human being, God said, “Behold, it is very good.”

That is a reminder of this truth. Human beings are the crown and glory of God’s creation. The mountains and the seas are beautiful. The forests and the fields reflect God’s power and beauty.

But the Bible says that God created human beings, “in his own image.” Theologians have debated the meaning of that phrase for centuries, but at the very least it means that we are his most special creation.

Every person you see — yes, even the one who cut you off in traffic his morning — reflects the very image of God. Each woman, man, girl and boy you know is precious in the sight of God.

God’s two greatest commands to us are simple: love God, and love others. And the clearest way we show our love for God is love each other.

I challenge you to express the love of God to others today. Show that you love Jesus by doing loving things for someone at work, someone in your neighborhood or someone in your family.

True love is busy. It is active. God loves you. You love others.

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