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The Lord does not change
pastor corner

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. I suppose I will enjoy my 50s for 12 more months. But after that, I reckon I’ll go check myself into a home somewhere, because clearly life will be over, right?

Do you realize how much you thought that to be true when you were younger? I mean, when you are a child, anyone over the age of 30 is old. But 60? That’s ancient beyond belief. 

I’m trying to grow older gracefully and graciously. I don’t want to be the old guy hollering at the neighbor children to get off my lawn. 

There are certain aspects of growing older that I’ve accepted. I can’t run up and down a ball court for two hours any longer. My goodness, a recent one-on-one game to three baskets with a young man from my church caused me pain for two days. I did win. But there was a cost.

Change often causes pain for the older generation. We like things the way they were when we were younger. We are comfortable with those things. Why change? 

That can be the songs on the radio or in the church. It can be the proliferation of technology. Quite frankly, I don’t want to register and pay for everything online.

But there are aspects of technology that I truly enjoy. Automatic climate control in my car, especially when I can crank it remotely, is a wonderful thing. And my wife’s new car has heated and cooled seats. What a great thing that was on a recent vacation trip to Florida. 

The truth is that things change, and they’re only going to change more. I am told that my next car may not even have rearview or side mirrors. Rather the blind spot will be eliminated by cameras that allow me to see all around my car. I hope I can adjust to that change. Maybe I will have figured out how to use Uber before then.

When everything is changing around me, it is comforting to read that God never changes. He is always the same – always faithful, always trustworthy, always there. The fact that God does not change does not mean that he is the stubborn old man who refuses progress. No! It is a reminder that he is already perfect in every way. He is God.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That is a comfort in a world that is changing faster than we can register. You can trust him today. 

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