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Local supports Johnson
Letter to editor

Editor: Lately your newspaper has printed several letters stating that Buddy Carter is just like Jack Kingston. These claims are extreme exaggerations and pretty farfetched. You see, I knew Jack Kingston when he first came to Savannah after finishing at University of Georgia. I met him while participating in Republican Party events. He was dating Libby Morrison, later his wife, and looking to become active in Chatham County politics. I supported and worded for Jack when he made his first run for the Georgia State House seat. Later, when I was the Chairman of the Chatham Party Republican, I worked to recruit him for the 1st District Congressional race and supported him ever since. Jack has served our District well and fought hard for our needs. With his business background he has been a friend of small businesses, a supporter of our military bases, and an advocate for smaller government.
 On the other hand Buddy Carter has been the opposite while in the George House and Senate. He has never found an appropriation bill, or a tax bill, that was not supportable. He goes along with the biggest lobbyist, and pushes the ethical envelope when it comes to supporting his big pharmacy industry and enriching himself. Buddy Carter is no Jack Kingston. He is an excellent example of what is wrong with many of the people in both Atlanta and Washington DC.
Buddy’s opponent, Dr. Bob Johnson is a polar opposite. He has distinguished himself by serving his nation in uniform, and taking the opportunity while in the service to get an education and become an ENT Specialist and Cancer Surgeon. He helps others, not himself. He has strength of character, a quality missing in Washington DC. Dr. Johnson understands the serious of the threat of Obamacare and the harm it is inflicting on our citizens and how it will only get worse. He also speaks forcefully regarding our runaway debt explosion.  This is not the time for passive “go along and get along” politics.
 I’m sure most of us on a daily basis find ourselves frustrated or disgusted with the happenings by our elected leaders. Complaining or ignoring their actions doesn’t do anything. Voting is the one right we have to make a change. It’s time that we look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we have the courage to vote our convictions. Otherwise we are doomed to more of the same. To paraphrase an Einstein quote: “Insanity is electing the same people over and over again, and expecting different results.”
— Ray Gaster
Richmond Hil

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