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Live a thankful life
pastor corner

Today is Thanksgiving. I am reminded of the story in Luke 17 where Jesus healed 10 men who were lepers.

There is no way to overemphasize the tragedy that was leprosy in the 1st century. Not only was one’s health taken away, they most often lost family, friends, homes and jobs.

They were quarantined to live with others in the same condition. And as they watched those whose disease was advanced beyond their own, they saw what they could expect. It was a horrible way to exist.

Luke tells us that these men saw Jesus and cried out to him for mercy. Jesus instructed them to go to the priests, an act that would take faith on their part. And as they obeyed his command, they were instantly and miraculously healed.

You cannot imagine the joy that must have filled the hearts of all 10 men. They would be able to hug their children, kiss their wives, return to their jobs and live life normally.

Naturally they were excited and made their way quickly and collectively to see the priests. They had to be declared clean before they could do any of that.

But then it hit one of the men. “I have to say thanks.”

And so he returned to Jesus, fell on his face at the Lord’s feet and offered gratitude. Jesus was disappointed, but I doubt he was surprised.

Why is it so difficult for us to be thankful? Perhaps we think we have earned, and we deserve, the good things that we have. Maybe we are just forgetful.

But I hope that we will learn to be thankful, and not just one day a year. Let’s live thankful lives. God has been good. Give thanks to him.

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