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Writer wants answers from county commission
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In the May 2 edition of the Bryan County Times, your editorial said you looked forward to the people’s thoughts on growth and development.

Here is what I see going on.

November of last year, I talked to the county administrator about the impact fee for large developments. I was told it would be around six months.

Five months later, I was told it would be eight to ten months; therefore I requested to be put on the March commission meeting agenda to get something on record. I was refused and put on the public comments where we were told all currently approved developments were exempt from the impact fee.

I see empty Bryan County transit vans driving all over the place. When will this burden be transferred to the tired backs of the tax payers? I have been told that our sewer and an water system will not dump into the Ogeechee River. Is this true?

What reason was used to deed that water system to the development authority?

Why does the county now have to have it back? What will be the legal costs of doing all that?

I have been told we need a super lawyer at every meeting. What does that cost? Why can we not just get with him at his office the next day? I have been told that the citizens of Bryan County do not need to know what kind of industrial business they are trying to move here.

Well, if it were not for the knowing citizens, we would have a medical waste incinerator at I-16 right now. Is that not correct, Mr. Jones?

I have asked some very good questions. As a tax paying citizen, I request that our commission and administrator answer them in the Bryan County News, on the record.

Thank you,

Wayne Carney

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