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Writer stumped by BoE's decisions
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I was very surprised and disappointed to see that our school board and superintendent were again reconsidering implementing a school uniform policy for Bryan County. As a voter, taxpayer & parent of two children in our schools – I am firmly against this policy.

By giving parents only a week to comment, it is quite obvious that our elected officials hope to minimize any real debate on the topic. That is especially true when we notice that the week they selected will span the spring break holiday.

Frankly, I have been stumped by some of the positions taken over the past 5 years or so. Our leadership has created an enormous traffic problem by grouping several elementary schools in a small area with limited road access. We have a dress code that is enforced so stringently that our children are more concerned about being in compliance than dealing with their own studies. We have intentionally limited opportunities for our children to shine on a national scale by stopping any travel outside the state.

A little over a week ago I had the opportunity to hear for the first time the Richmond Hill High School band perform. This band was invited to play in Washington, D.C., for the First Lady. I was truly amazed by the talent and creativity that was shown by the students and band leader. And that band director appears to have been forced out by a bureaucracy that I may have helped elect. (My children are not involved with the Richmond Hill High School band program!)

Now I see that the board would like to revisit the uniform issue instead of dealing with real problems that currently exist. They adopted a similar policy five years ago and parents responded overwhelmingly against school uniforms. Within days, the board rescinded the policy.

At some point, our elected officials will be held accountable for their actions. I hope our representatives do not forget that they work for voters and not school administrators.

Sid Gray

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