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Writer: Barrow working against his constituents
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Dear Editor:


How honest is Representative John Barrow (D-Ga.)? Some questionable situations came to my attention.

On one occasion he voted against a bipartisan legislation, approved by the Senate, to renew The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a bill that protects our country from being attacked by terrorists. His lack of understanding that the bill HR 3773 covered telecommunications liability was his excuse for voting against it.

To explain, the legislation Barrow helped kill would have provided liability shields for U.S. telecom companies that voluntarily aid authorities in tracking terrorists. Without shields, trial attorneys can sue companies for helping the United States. Already lawsuits are being filed thanks to "lawyer" Barrow.

His vote against FISA is a vote against the security of our country.

Another Barrow sleazy deal was his vote to table the Minority Leader’s resolution to hide the previous night’s ethics violation from the public. The Ethics Committee of the 110th Congress passed a rule on holding open votes. These votes may be held over for new votes to be cast, not for the purpose of changing votes. Along with other Democrats, he was responsible for holding over a bill in order to try and change the votes of three other members.

Barrow, another Representative working against his constituents!




Elizabeth Bartlett

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