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Turnout did not encourage candidate
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Dear Editor, This is an open letter to the Citizens of Bryan County
I’d like to thank the people that voted for me and had the confidence that I could do the job. Congratulations to Butch, I wish him the very best and I hope he will live up to campaign promises of working with the city, county and school board for the benefit of the citizens of Bryan County.
 It’s a sad statement that was made by the Citizens of Bryan County when only 15% of the eligible voters had the will to come out and vote for their future.
I am very disappointed with such apathy. I’m extremely concerned for the future of this country.

Sincerely, Chris Morse III

Editor’s note: Morse ran for the District 4 county commission seat currently held by Toby Roberts. He lost in the Republican primary to Butch Broome.

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