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Son backs dad for mayor
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Dear Editor:


Ten reasons why you should NOT vote for my father for mayor:

1) You’ll get a man of integrity. There is not a phony bone in his body. That just won’t do in today’s political culture of facades and hypocrites.

2) Each election he chooses to vote in the Repulican primary. Why? Because he’s a true conservative. You’ll get a conservative man, both fiscally and morally. How old fashioned is that?

3) You’ll get a wonderful father. And the last thing we need is someone who actually believes in family in this "enlightened" age.

4) You’ll get a free thinker. He won’t follow the crowd or give in to pressure. He actually weighs the facts, listens to the opinions of others, thinks, prays, and decides. He is simply not a man who listens to every slanted poll, bows to every opinion, and negates the facts to please others. That’s what a politician is supposed to do isn’t it?

5) You’ll get a God-fearing man who respects the beliefs and traditions of others.

6) You’ll get a great grandpa. Yes…he actually loves kids. He’ll spend too much time considering their welfare. We need someone who will focus on more "important" issues.

7) You’ll get a man who doesn’t blow with the wind. Everyone knows that you have to change things whether they are needed or not. But, he won’t do it. Not if it isn’t necessary. Oh, he’ll bring change if it is warranted, but who wants to wait on that? Politicians know that you change things just because.

8) You won’t get a politician. He is too much of an everyday man. He isn’t in this for himself but for others. He honestly believes he can work with the community for the good of Richmond Hill. Crazy, isn’t it?

9) If you vote for him, you’ll get a man of honesty and truth. Everyone knows there is no such thing as "truth" right? But, Mr. Hilliard does and I’m convinced it is something he intends to live by.

10) And last, if you vote for him, you’ll get an all around great guy. He’s polite, smiles a lot, listens well, and loves his hometown. How in the world can you vote for someone like that?

His opponent might fit all of these things as well. I honestly don’t know. But, as a close relative, I can assure you that Floyd Hilliard fits each one to a capital T. And if it bothers you, like it would some, you might not want to put your vote behind him.


Rev. Chris Hilliard

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