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Something needs to be done
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I know the local officials are afraid if he or she was to give someone a ticket! But something needs to be done. At the far end of Ledford Street starts 15 to 35 to Railroad Ave. The thing is, hardly anyone obeys this speed limit or speed zone. I myself live at Miller Village which has a lot of kids. You have people with different handicaps; some people have motorized carts. Ledford, being a narrow two lane road, it is not safe to be driven on at the speeds I am seeing. I have seen Pembroke Sheriff Dept. officers using excess, sometimes not even on call. The problem needs to be looked at closer. Does the refilling place have to be opened 24 hours, seven days a week? The Maintenance Department has a problem also. Its workers, when getting off from work or during lunch, travel too fast.

It has also come to my attention that certain people on this National Sex Registry are not registered. My question is why this is not a county law? It is a state law, from a peeping tom to a sex offender, no matter if it was 30 years ago; has to be registered to be on file.

Joe Dykes Jr.


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