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Savannah man looks for local support
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Listen up current Savannah and surrounding leaders: What are you doing about the horrible AIDS disease that many innocent and unknowing Savannah citizens are being infected with?

Some of the carriers of this disease that knowingly and uncaringly subject unsuspecting innocent citizens to this incurable horrible disease could justifiably be classified as Savannah’s exposure to domestic terrorism.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal of July 13, titled "Gates AIDS - Trial failure stirs questions," quoting from the article, "the foundation argues that unless the disease’s spread is slowed, the tide of 5 million new infections a year will swamp the world’s treatment capacity."

Are you listening Savannah?

Savannah under my leadership as mayor will take immediate necessary actions to help prevent the AIDS disease spread here. Early evidence of this will be that I will get council support to require that all occupants of the new public housing projects that will be built under my leadership, for their own and other occupant’s safety, will take mandatory testing for evidence of the AIDS disease.

All Savannah public school children and all other employees of the school system from top to bottom will be tested. All hospitals operating in Savannah will be required to have a testing of all employees, including doctors, for aids.

All Savannah police officers will be tested for AIDS as will be all those arrested.

Several years ago I read of Cuba quarantining all persons who tested positive for AIDS. In spite of several recent inquiries I have been unable to find out how effective they have been in the attempt to control the spread of AIDS by quarantining those infected.

The use of AIDS infected carriers seems to be a heck of a delivery vehicle for a terrorist with patience.

Savannah citizens, you have told me you want change and it’s change you are going to get with me as your new mayor. Campaign donations are needed and will be appreciated.


Jerry Sage Sammons


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