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Resident gives take on proposed subdivision
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I am writing in response to the article dated March 17, 2007 "City discusses possible suit." I feel I need to clarify some issues on the proposed Colonial Marsh subdivision.

Mr. Ellis Skinner was quoted as saying the residents of Sterling Creek Subdivision are losing interest. This is so far from the truth. If Mr. Skinner would do his homework he would know that half of the residents in Sterling Creek are military and that right now a quarter of these residents are in Iraq defending our country and our freedom. So while these brave men and women are defending our freedom I am back here in Richmond Hill defending their freedom and our children’s safety and our home environment.

Truth be known, Mr. Skinner on numerous occasions was advised that this property was a bad site for development. Even one of the original partners for this development backed out early on because he knew this was a bad site.

When in March 2006 Mr. Skinner first went to Planning and Zoning he did not own this property but led everyone to believe he did.

I recently found out that he did finally purchase the land in September 2006, even after the City Council tabled his plan based on safety and traffic concerns, and even after he tried another plan at Planning and Zoning and they tabled his plan based on the same issues.

I have no sympathy for Mr. Skinner. He should have heeded the advice he was given.

All these developers care about is the all mighty dollar. They do not care about the lives they are disrupting nor the safety of our children. These developers are not even residents of Richmond Hill. They will breeze in, make a mess and leave the residents in turmoil.

I would like to personally thank Mayor Richard Davis, Floyd Hilliard, JoAnn Robinson-Bickley, Billy Albritton and Jimmy Hires for having the backbone to stand up and be heard on behalf of the residents.

I would also like to thank Mr. Ray Smith, the city attorney, in advance. I know they are in a difficult position but I feel they will keep the best interest of the citizens at heart. God bless each one of them.

Marilyn S. Hodges

Sterling Creek

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